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Peggy worked for the Australian High Commission for 18 years.  She started as a Team Leader in the Temporary Entry team and this is where her passion for visas began.  She worked in different departments including visitors, short term business visas, transit visas etc. She also worked in the family migration team that focused on spouse, child, and partner migration. Peggy also attended various travel roadshow and trained many travel agents around South Africa about Australian visas for many years. She travelled into Africa to conduct interviews during these trips. Peggy gained valuable knowledge from her mentors when she worked at the Australian High Commission.  She resigned from the Australian High Commission in February 2018.   

Peggy and her family relocated to Cape Town in February 2018. On her arrival in Cape Town, she obtained employment in the Visa Industry, as the Head of Department of the on-line visa team. The focus of the on on-line team was to assistant and prepare online visa applications for the following countries: Australia, USA and the UK. 

Peggy knows how stressful visa applications can be for travellers. For this reason, she decided to open her own company, VIP Visas, to assist with visa applications. In addition to the visas,  she can help with UK passport renewals. She will dedicate time to assist you with your application and give you personal one on one service - so that you are not just a number in the queue. Peggy at VIP Visas is willing so guide and assist you through the process and is only a call away.

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