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Before starting your visa application here are a few helpful tips...

Visa application
  • Be prepared
  • Make sure you are applying for the correct visa.
  • Is your passport still valid for 6 months?
  • Does your passport have 3 open pages without any stamps?
  • It's important to check if you require any transit visas.
  • All visas require travel insurance.
  • Have you got sufficient time for visa processing before your proposed travel date?  Note: visa processing times can change without warning.
  • Do you have Dual citizenship – this can change the type of visa that you need to apply for.
  • Be open and honest when you complete your visa application form.
  • Make sure that you answer all the questions on the form.
  • Check what supporting documents are needed.
  • If you have a criminal record, you will need a police clearance certificate.
  • Do you have sufficient funds for travel purposes?
  • When traveling with a minor under 18 years, you will need a full unabridged birth certificates (i.e. under the age of 18 years at time of travel)
  • Embassies can request any additional information if required.
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